Cardiovascular disease is still the majority cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide.

     It involves heart and blood vessels which attribute to the body circulation. The important manifestations of cardiovascular diseases are heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

   At least a million of people have cardiovascular disease today. Majority of cardiovascular diseases exist for many years before the symptom happens. Many clinical studies showed that cardiovascular disease is preventable. Our cardiology unit focuses on detection of risk factors and subclinical disease for early intervention and prevention of disease progression through various noninvasive tools.

     According to the standard medical guidelines, person who has high cardiovascular disease risk may receive benefit from early medical treatment and lifestyle modification. 

     Know your risk factor now to prevent the actual heart disease and stroke in the future.Diagnostic Tests and Investigations & Treatment

(Electrocardiogram: EKG)


(Exercise Stress Test)

(Carotid Ultrasound)

(Ultrasound for DVT)

(Holter Monitoring 24 hrs.)

(Ankle/Toe Brachial Index: ABI/TBI)