Provides consulting, diagnosis and treatment services, including protection by a team of medical specialists. Careful treatment of the disease with effective medication and effective medical treatment. The medical aspects of diseases such as

Respiratory disease
      - Pulmonary tuberculosis
      - Chronic bronchitis emphysema
      - Pneumonia
      - Asthma

      - Diabetes with peripheral neuropathy
      - Tetanus
      - Epilepsy
      - Migraine
      - Cerebrovascular disease paralysis paralysis
      - Dizzy

Cardiovascular system diseases
      - High Blood Pressure
      - Ischemic heart disease
      - Heart failure

Endocrine system diseases
     - Diabetes
     - Thyroid
     - Other endocrine disease

Gastrointestinal disease and liver disease
     - Reflux acids
     - Abdominal pain, flatulence
     - Diarrhea, chronic constipation
     - Change
     - Abnormal excretion
     - Fat liver island
     - Hepatitis
     - Jaundice

Special disease
     - Allergy
     - Sexually transmitted disease
     - Vaccination against various disease
     - Diabetes and Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)

Team goals:

  • Meet your medical needs and recommend treatment to fit your lifestyle
  • Assist you to achieve or maintain optimal control
  • Promote prevention of complications
  • Help minimize or delay progression of existing complications
  • Educate your family and others concerned with your health