The analytical laboratory technology for use in medical diagnosis monitors and evaluate treatments quickly. In order to prevent the disease before it becomes risky.  Cardiovascular system, the scan assesses the function of a total of 37 organs in the primary 9 body systems, including

     - VEGF                                

     - Urine Organic Acid    

     - AA/EPA                     

     - Neuroendocrine Transmitters

     - Intestinal Permeability  

     - Estrogen Metabolites 

     - Nutri Check Up 

     - Heavy Metal Test        

     - Hormone Test 

     - Endocrine system                    

    - Genitourinary system

    - Neuromuscular system

    - Respiratory system

    - Digestive system

    - Nervous system

    - Immune system

     - General metabolism

    - Check-up program      

    - Live blood Analysis                               

       Live Blood Analysis is a very simple yet powerful health screening method using Dark Field Microscopy.  A very small sample of blood, which can be obtained from finger picking, contains live cells which can be examined through a computer monitor.  With an interpretation of an expert, live blood analysis can tell a numerous number, including the property of the red blood cell, residual body such as heavy metal like mercury.  Some of these predict disorders which do not present as a visible symptom, leading to optimal regenerative and preventive treatments.



      Laboratory Blood Test is a medical investigation technique which aids in the diagnosis and evaluation of the treatment. There is a variety of tests which can be conducted, including conventional and anti-aging, to assess the risk of any potential health threats.