Osteoarthritis the disease is mostly found in older people. It can be found in younger people. Due to the nature of life and the environment. The changes to the hard work of living a hurry. Eating unhygienic. Lack of exercise cause obesity knee be overloaded. This disease is women rather than men with the appearance of the body structure features a sitting position the squatting cross-legged or squat for a long time. Osteoarthritis or who will soon have an accident like the knee bone, the knee ligament tear that causes osteoarthritis soon as well and maybe a diseases. That causes chronic inflammation of the lining of the skin, osteoarthritis, it is much faster than normal. People who exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles around the knee. This will help to slow the deterioration of the knee.

Symptom is with knee pain the initial stiffness, aches front and back of the knee. Moreover pain when sitting or walking motion in the knee will feel noisy. If the inflammation may be swelling of the knee joint with adhesive. Patients will not be stretched or bent leg on the same weekend. Due to the attached questions.

How Does PRP Work?

        Athletes and active individuals who endure chronic pain from tendon injuries or osteoarthritis may finally get relief from a safe, non-surgical procedure. PRP utilizes platelets from the patients’ own blood to rebuild a damaged tendon or cartilage. It has been successful in not only relieving the pain, but also in jumpstarting the healing process.

How Is PRP Done?

         Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is done in an exam room and takes less than an hour. The patient’s blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge for 15 minutes to separate out the platelets. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the damaged portion of the tendon or cartilage with the guidance of an ultrasound machine.