Face and Body lifting, Tightening & Rejuvenation by Medical Thread Lift.

         Threading is a form of surgery. Turn your face to be pretty slim. Without surgery no recovery and with fewer side effects.

         I used to do a pretty face, mostly, "I Melt," which lift the face, making face a fine collection of wattle (V-Shape).

         Those who want to use a face lift but it melted over a tusk. This treatment uses a green silk on the skin and pull up. Lock tissue.

         The sheer volume of up to 10 lines can face restructuring. After the burns and the body will gradually to get rid of it within six months and stimulate cells Collagen fibers that create a line wrapped around it. This causes the skin retraction.

         Threading makes skin firm and smooth skin. And adjust the image face up. Help blood circulation to the area can be improved.

        Skin after burns are swelling. And bruises along the line you. These tracks, which usually disappears in 1-2 weeks after burns and can live normally in all respects, just avoid the laser or thermal burns, the opposite area directly.