Our Specialists provide advanced Diagnostic Imaging technology that is available 24 hours with fast and accurate results.

General X-Ray 

        General X-Ray to take an organ image directly on the film, e.g. chest X-ray, bone X-ray, to which people may get accustomed. Apart from this, we also have X-ray services, such as, swallowing starch to examine gastrointestinal diseases, having a starch enema to examine colon.

Computerized X-ray (4 Multislice CT Scan) 

       At present, computerized X-ray equipment of Radiology Department, takes only little time in examination, not only the patients will get quick examination service, but the X-ray image can also be proceeded as 2D image.

Diagnose Organs

    • Head
    • Lungs
    • Pulmonary angiogram
    • Cardiac
    • Abdominal and pelvic
    • Muscles, bones and joints